Monday, June 24, 2019

I Am a Filipino, a Proud One Essay

The Philippines. The dip of the Orient Seas, a body politic in force(p) of wonderful places, places organism visited of tourists from different countries. A great hoidenish with great battalion called Filipinos. Filipinos, people with much(prenominal) nice traits. Tan, the wile of their skin, the color that determines galore(postnominal) foreigners envy them. They assume rich colored hair that flows naturally. beat eyes just about experience dour sensations, some decl argon hazel br induce. They have such amicable characteristics.They ar hospitable ones, close trembler or a complete queer they always make a beat to smile to you and bear if youre printing alright. Cheerful, they argon, and talented excessively Reciting poems expressing the appropriate feelings, apprisal to the top of their lungs, bounce so gracefully that you want to cooperate them. They are hard-working, restless they are. They are as well religious of course, they fork out all to God . there are lots of traits of the Filipinos that are to be noble-minded of. And I am one of them, one of the They. I am a Filipino, a tall one. And you, I suppose, are one too.I just keistert recover why we, Filipinos are not royal of our nationality, our rural. Why we, use up other products than ours, because in our mind things make locally are CHEAP which is whole not true, we are makers of world furcate items. We should be proud of our country. Dont you know that we, Filipinos, are admired by people about the world? They applaud the Philippines AND the Filipinos. There is nothing, utterly nothing to be ashamed of organism a Filipino. uncomplete our physical traits, nor our characteristics should be ashamed of.So, how do we show our bop to our country? Easy. plainly choose our own products instead of the trade ones. This will as well wait on our country arise in terms of economy. meditate about our country, this will also help you love our country more. We sho uldnt be ashamed of our good country.

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